Almost Thanksgiving

I can hardly believe that it's the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Time flies for sure.
Daniel, our sonny boy, will be coming down from NY on Wednesday. I can't wait to hug him. We haven't seen him since January. Way too long of a time. Love him so very much. We are looking forward to his visit.
Wednesday morning we are having matzo brie for breakfast. Wednesday night we are going to have chicken soup and matzo balls and beef briskett, the family way. Don't know what kind of trimmings as yet.
For Thanksgiving, a group of us are going out to eat at Perkins. Too many to cook for, and no clean up afterwards. Friday I will be making a traditional turkey dinner for Jeff and I, and Hillary and Daniel. Sam has to work, so it will be just the family. It will be a very nice feeling. The four of us around the table. Love, love, love.
More to come .

Etsy Bead Weavers Blogspot

Not sure if there is a place on here to put this link, but it's here. We are a great group of eclectic beaders.

EBW Blogg

Etsy Bead Weavers Team has a great Blogg. I have to learn how to manage this blogg first, before entering any other things. Very confusing for me to say the least. I entered a new post on the BJP page unintensionaly. Oh Well. Sorry about that.
Vist my Daughter Hillary's Vintage site:
My site too:
Holidays are coming up.


By the way Hillary's site is:

It is a great vintage site. Take a look see.

Going Public

Well I've now decided to go PUBLIC. I have had an Etsy site up and running for a while now and want to advertise it a little more. I can also make up some custom pieces as well. Some have been for weddings, sweet 16's, etc.
I have been an active jewelry maker for quite a number of years. Back in the 60's and early 70's I made Hippie beads. LOL That seems like quite some time ago. I'm still 29 so I don't understand the span of years.
Anyway, I have made beaded flower arrangements, animals and now quite a bit more. I have sold many of my pieces to the gift shop at The Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida.
I belong to quite a few beading groups on Yahoo, which I enjoy so very much. There are a world of wonderful bead artists out there.
That's all for now.

September Already ???!!!

Oh my , time sure flies when you're having fun. Sales are slow on Etsy, but I'm not giving up as yet. Hillary now has a vintage site on Etsy. She has had 10 sales already. I hope that she does well, because she has over 100 items for sale and there are a lot of other vintage sellers. Just like with me, loads of jewelry makers selling on Etsy.
Jeff has been working 12 hour shifts with alternating days every 2 weeks. I hope that one day we win the lottery, because I hate the fact that he has to work.
I think that I'm going to start de-stashing my beads. I have more than I can ever use. $$$$


Jeff went to meet with his new doctor through Citrus Health Care. Nice guy. Jeff is healthy, and strong like bull.

End of July

Well, here it is, already the end of July. July 4th came and went with thousands of bangs and colors. Poor Lilly barked at every one of them. I guess, poor us too. LOL the fireworks didn't bother Summer at all.
Lets' see: the motherboard on the computer kicked the bucket, so we are now out $250. My Mother gave us $100 towards that. Luckily I sold some jewelry as well. So $150 later, we have the computer up and running again.
Jeff was informed yesterday that his place was going to be going on 12 hour shifts. Oh boy, 65 and standing on ones feet and bending up and down for 12 hours, NOT good.
Beth has finally gone through with filing for divorce. Maybe the both of them will be happy when this is over with.
Carl turned 60 on the 27th and his kids came down to visit him. We got to meet them and alll in alll the weekend was fine. He and Susan are still an item. This is a good thing. She's a doll and he is learning to be a mench.
My darling Jeff, is a romantic at heart. He doesn't show it that often but this time he gets the gold medal. He came home from work and I was asleep on the lounge chair, snoring away. The last time I had looked at the clock it was 11:20 and he comes home at 11:40. Next thing I know, I wake up and his face is in mine. I gave him a hug like I hadn't seen him in years... Later, I asked him how he woke me up. He thought for a few seconds and said "I gave you a prince charming kiss on the forehead". Well I almost fainted. I love him so very much. I wish he didn't have to work. SS just isn't enough to pay the bills and have extra to play with.
Such is life. Gas prices, food, etc. have gone through the universe. 12 hour days, 4 day work weeks, hmmm. Not fun and games.
My mother has joined JDate. We are having so much fun doing this together. I'm helping her and we are having a blast looking at all these funny older men. One wasn't that bad (for me). No, only kidding.
Well, enough said for this month. Oh yea, Jeff and I spent a couple of hours at the beach a couple of Saturday's ago. Really nice. Got some nice pictures too.

Very Busy

Well, it's been a while since posting. I have been so busy. Between doctor appointments, beading classes, birthdays, Father's day and going out, I'm glad that I am breathing.
Flew to the east coast with my daughter to visit my Mom. She's 80 and wonderful. What a charmer!!!
It's finally raining almost daily after no rain for about 4 months. Cloudy right now, but no rain. Most likely later it will rain. I don't mind at all. I don't have to w2ater my plants. Good old mother nature can do that.
The economy is getting much worse. Between the price of gas, flooding in the mid west etc. We are all screwed. Price of food is outrageous unless there is a sale. I'm dieting, so I wont be eating too much anyway. Gas prices are between 3.829 and 4.059 for regular. Soon people wont be able to buy gas to go to work.
Bring our military people HOME. We need them here, not there. It's costing too many lives and way too much $$$$.
Just ranting I guess.

65 Years Young

Well, I pulled it off. My hubby, Jeff, was so very surprised yesterday. A surprise 65th birthday party. I couldn't have done it without the help from my darling Hillary and my dear friends. It was a full day from start to finish. Lots of decorations, food, drink, family and friends. Thanks to all !!!! I'm sorry that our son Daniel and daughter Jennifer and Brothers and Sister in laws and Mothers etc. were not able to be here. Good wishes were sent and given over the phone.
Today Jeff and I celebrated with love, lunch and a walk through the mall. Tonight I'll be making him a T-Bone steak. Yum !!! In fact, that's what I'm about to start making now.

In The Begining

Well, I must say that I thought that I would never do this, but here I am. I have always said "wherever you go, there you are". Like I said, Here I Am.

I have been doing crafts ever since I can remember. Aside from the projects at grammar school and camp, my grandmother taught me how to crochet and knit. And oh yes, my mother had a hand in that as well, and in the making of pot holders. Oh boy, do I remember that. At some point in time, they changed the loop material and it was a lot easier to make them. That just brought me back. WOW !
Let me jump now to beads. Plain and simply strung, colorful beads. I loved them. In 1970 I found size 6/0 beads in many colors and thought I had died and gone to heaven. I made so many strings of beads for around my neck and everyone elses. I wore them for many years, along with my bell bottom jeans and denim shirts and a ring on every finger. Even had a few flosers painted on my face. Ahhh , Greenwich Village, USA. Yep, I guess you could say that I was a Hippie and proud of it then and now. Learned quite a lot about love, peace and happiness. You make it yourself.