Very Busy

Well, it's been a while since posting. I have been so busy. Between doctor appointments, beading classes, birthdays, Father's day and going out, I'm glad that I am breathing.
Flew to the east coast with my daughter to visit my Mom. She's 80 and wonderful. What a charmer!!!
It's finally raining almost daily after no rain for about 4 months. Cloudy right now, but no rain. Most likely later it will rain. I don't mind at all. I don't have to w2ater my plants. Good old mother nature can do that.
The economy is getting much worse. Between the price of gas, flooding in the mid west etc. We are all screwed. Price of food is outrageous unless there is a sale. I'm dieting, so I wont be eating too much anyway. Gas prices are between 3.829 and 4.059 for regular. Soon people wont be able to buy gas to go to work.
Bring our military people HOME. We need them here, not there. It's costing too many lives and way too much $$$$.
Just ranting I guess.