Jeff went to meet with his new doctor through Citrus Health Care. Nice guy. Jeff is healthy, and strong like bull.

End of July

Well, here it is, already the end of July. July 4th came and went with thousands of bangs and colors. Poor Lilly barked at every one of them. I guess, poor us too. LOL the fireworks didn't bother Summer at all.
Lets' see: the motherboard on the computer kicked the bucket, so we are now out $250. My Mother gave us $100 towards that. Luckily I sold some jewelry as well. So $150 later, we have the computer up and running again.
Jeff was informed yesterday that his place was going to be going on 12 hour shifts. Oh boy, 65 and standing on ones feet and bending up and down for 12 hours, NOT good.
Beth has finally gone through with filing for divorce. Maybe the both of them will be happy when this is over with.
Carl turned 60 on the 27th and his kids came down to visit him. We got to meet them and alll in alll the weekend was fine. He and Susan are still an item. This is a good thing. She's a doll and he is learning to be a mench.
My darling Jeff, is a romantic at heart. He doesn't show it that often but this time he gets the gold medal. He came home from work and I was asleep on the lounge chair, snoring away. The last time I had looked at the clock it was 11:20 and he comes home at 11:40. Next thing I know, I wake up and his face is in mine. I gave him a hug like I hadn't seen him in years... Later, I asked him how he woke me up. He thought for a few seconds and said "I gave you a prince charming kiss on the forehead". Well I almost fainted. I love him so very much. I wish he didn't have to work. SS just isn't enough to pay the bills and have extra to play with.
Such is life. Gas prices, food, etc. have gone through the universe. 12 hour days, 4 day work weeks, hmmm. Not fun and games.
My mother has joined JDate. We are having so much fun doing this together. I'm helping her and we are having a blast looking at all these funny older men. One wasn't that bad (for me). No, only kidding.
Well, enough said for this month. Oh yea, Jeff and I spent a couple of hours at the beach a couple of Saturday's ago. Really nice. Got some nice pictures too.