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Not sure if there is a place on here to put this link, but it's here. We are a great group of eclectic beaders.

EBW Blogg

Etsy Bead Weavers Team has a great Blogg. I have to learn how to manage this blogg first, before entering any other things. Very confusing for me to say the least. I entered a new post on the BJP page unintensionaly. Oh Well. Sorry about that.
Vist my Daughter Hillary's Vintage site:
My site too:
Holidays are coming up.


By the way Hillary's site is:

It is a great vintage site. Take a look see.

Going Public

Well I've now decided to go PUBLIC. I have had an Etsy site up and running for a while now and want to advertise it a little more. I can also make up some custom pieces as well. Some have been for weddings, sweet 16's, etc.
I have been an active jewelry maker for quite a number of years. Back in the 60's and early 70's I made Hippie beads. LOL That seems like quite some time ago. I'm still 29 so I don't understand the span of years.
Anyway, I have made beaded flower arrangements, animals and now quite a bit more. I have sold many of my pieces to the gift shop at The Botanical Gardens in Largo, Florida.
I belong to quite a few beading groups on Yahoo, which I enjoy so very much. There are a world of wonderful bead artists out there.
That's all for now.

September Already ???!!!

Oh my , time sure flies when you're having fun. Sales are slow on Etsy, but I'm not giving up as yet. Hillary now has a vintage site on Etsy. She has had 10 sales already. I hope that she does well, because she has over 100 items for sale and there are a lot of other vintage sellers. Just like with me, loads of jewelry makers selling on Etsy.
Jeff has been working 12 hour shifts with alternating days every 2 weeks. I hope that one day we win the lottery, because I hate the fact that he has to work.
I think that I'm going to start de-stashing my beads. I have more than I can ever use. $$$$