Almost Thanksgiving

I can hardly believe that it's the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Time flies for sure.
Daniel, our sonny boy, will be coming down from NY on Wednesday. I can't wait to hug him. We haven't seen him since January. Way too long of a time. Love him so very much. We are looking forward to his visit.
Wednesday morning we are having matzo brie for breakfast. Wednesday night we are going to have chicken soup and matzo balls and beef briskett, the family way. Don't know what kind of trimmings as yet.
For Thanksgiving, a group of us are going out to eat at Perkins. Too many to cook for, and no clean up afterwards. Friday I will be making a traditional turkey dinner for Jeff and I, and Hillary and Daniel. Sam has to work, so it will be just the family. It will be a very nice feeling. The four of us around the table. Love, love, love.
More to come .