44 Degrees and NO SNOW

BRRRRRR....warming trend is coming tomorrow, just in time for Danny to come down from the blizzard that dumped 2 feet of snow on him.  Don't miss that at all.

I forgot to bring some of my potted plants in last night.  Just hope that they are ok.  They looked a bit limp a little earlier when I walked Lilly.

Peace on earth, good will to all.

Holiday Headaches

So, in life, you learn to stop giving of yourself to others that question your friendship for over a year. Lies become truths that others tell them.  Hmmm.  I must remember not to make jewelry items, that take hours to make, for someone that I "can't stand".  Or, help them clean out tons of shit from storage units....Or go yard saleing with them.....Or invite them over for lunch, dinner or a movie. Or....doesn't matter.  Fuck her and the love of her life.

On another note, that isn't a headache, Dan will be here on the 23rd.  I can't wait.  It is also Hillary's 25th birthday.  Boy did that go quickly. Party !!!!

On a not so happy note, Leo had a stroke the other day.  Thank God that he was at a pizza place and not alone or driving.  He would be in a nursing home if he was.  The ambulance came right away and within an hours time, due to modern medicine, he was almost back to himself.  At 77 years of age, he was very lucky.

Beth, ( Leo's X ) my long time friend of almost 27 years, has been running around like a chicken without a head, doing for everyone except herself.

I pray for our economy to get improved quickly.  I pray for peace all over the world and in our own backyards.

Until next time.

Classes Are Picking Up

Classes at Exotic Beads in Dunedin are finally picking up.  There is such a nice selection of beads there.  The prices are very good as well.
Tuesday I will be teaching the "Bump" pattern in Peyote stitch.  Such a fun pattern.  I will make a sample today.  I also have to remake a bracelet in fall colors as well.
I am almost finished with the commissioned pieces I got a while back.  I finished one ring and the pendant.  I have 2 more rings to make.
Thanksgiving is going to be a Sam's Mom's house.  I will be making a cheese spread, and bring the crackers.  Ritz made Star Crackers, so I bought them.  Festive crackers.  I love it.

Happy November

Wow, time is going so very fast, as far as the months go. It will be Thanksgiving in a few weeks. Then you know what comes next.
Only going to have a high of 80 today. Temps are going down. Yay!!!
Making a man's choker today. I picked out the beads yesterday.
I need to complete many of my UFO's too. I have these wonderful beaded dolls that I need to complete. One is "Give Peace a Chance" and the other is called "Metamorphasis". Whew...then I still have a beaded animal to make. I know that it will all get done. Oh yes and gifts to make too. Ornaments mostly, and some jewelry.
I will be resizing a necklace for my Step-daughter and then I also have to start making wedding jewelry for my daughter. Gee do you think that I have enough projects to work on. LOL
I love it.

I am also crocheting a baby blanket now as well. I feel like the ever ready bunny.

On a Roll

Well, I am finally on a roll, with creating. I just completed 2 sets. One has a necklace, bracelet and earrings. The other one has a necklace and matching earrings. I love both sets. I would love to keep them for ME , but I think I would rather have someone buy them.
One is made up of blue and coppery gold and the other is made up of amethyst, brown and green with a really nice brass toggle clasp.

I will be making a choker for a man in a little while.
Happy Halloween to all of you. I just might go to a pool pary a little bit later.

More Babies, Etc.

Ok, so now I don't have a choice of color inks or sizes. ??? I will continue anyway.
There are now 4 babie that have fledged out of the nest. Only one is light in color like the mommy bird. LOL I'm hoping that one of the other birds will have black cheeks.

On another note: New pieces are up on Etsy. http://www.Joyfullyjewels.etsy.com
I also have a vintage etc. site on http://www.Joyfullyjewels2.etsy.com
Sales on both are slow but promising. Times are tough all around these days, but when I see auctions of cars, paintings etc, that people are paying upwards of 6 figures, I wonder. Hmmmm.

The sky is blue, it's breezy, very humid and right now it's 75 degrees F, going up to 85. It should be getting a lot cooler by next week.

My friend Rob is still in my thoughts. The holidays are coming and his birthday was Dec. 24th. He spent those days with us. I feel sad, but I know that for him, he is in a better place.

I will be making a lot of jewelry this coming week for a bazzarr I will be doing with a friend of mine. Most of the pieces will be around $10 or a little higher. I need the $$$ so keep your fingers crossed for me that I sell EVERYTHING.

There were two Coopers Hawks on the phone wires last evening. Got some shots, but not too sharp. I'll try to post them.

That's it for now.
I wish all of you happy beady thoughts, love and understanding.


The baby Zebra finches are gone, but I have 7 more babies in the nest. LOL. Babies and mom and dad are going as soon as the babies are eating on their own.

Ahhh.....Cooler Weather

Finally.....temps are in the 60's this morning and tonight. I love it. I needed a break from the high humidity and 90's. This cooler weather helps you to think. LOL
Any way:
So I finally finished the bead embroidered sample for Exotic Beads, Dunedin, Florida, but I forgot to take a photo of it. Silly me. (I will take one next Wednesday when I'm there teaching a wire wrapping class.) It came out real nice. My colors are still very me, so I think that I will have to try to be more on the neutral side while creating.
By the way, if you are in the area, you should really stop in. Silvia has a very nice selection of beads and supplies to choose from. She's a very nice person.

Sale on Etsy

20 % off when you buy 2 items.
New items always added. Special orders taken.

FYI Zebra Finches

I have some beautiful Zebra finch birds for adoption. Ready to go. 3 males, 2 females. Split to black genes. Silver and common. More babies on the way. $10 adoption fee per bird.

Just bring a cage.
Pick up only.
Started out with a few of these cuties. Now 5 ready to go , 2 went away to a new home yesterday, and 7 babies have just hatched. Wow !!! So HELP !!! If you know anyone in my area that wants a few, please let them know.

Sale on Etsy

Ok, so now I'm trying a sale on Etsy. Buy 2 and get 20% off total, not including the shipping.

I think that my prices are very resonable. I do take custom orders. Some days I feel like all of this has been a waste of my time. I love making THINGS. Not just beaded items. So....maybe, just maybe, I should look into other venues.

I sold a little girls, 100 % cotton, crocheted scarf the other day. $5.00, plus shipping. Did I make money on this transaction?.....NO...,but it was a good feeling to know that I sold a handmade scarf, and a little girl will be wearing it.

Hmmm, so I have been commissioned to make 3 rings and a pendant. Cool, right? Yes.

I am also working on a bead embroidered pendant for a sample piece for a class at Exotic Beads in Clearwater, Fl.

Hoping that when the holidays are closer, people will start to place orders and take classes.

Still beading and crafting,

Over and out.

Fall in Florida

Ok, so I've been very lax in posting. Oh well.
It's already Fall here in Beautiful, sunny, Clearwater. We had a taste of it a few nights ago. Low humidity, breezy, just gorgeous.
I have been feeling a lot better over the loss of my friend Rob. His sister still keeps in touch with me.
I have been beading away...adding new items to my etsy site. There have been very few sales, but I will keep on adding items.
Slide show:
I taught a couple of classes at Exotic Beads. Silvia is such a nice person. She has a very good inventory of beads etc., and Sales galore all the time. She is now located right on 580 in Dunedin.
Dunedin Beads wanted me to teach there exclusively, in order for me to teach bead embroidery there. She has an attitude I don't want to deal with anyway. If she could guarentee me a class every day, I would have said ok.
I'll be teaching BE at Exotic Beads. Just finishing up my sample pendant.I also have a few orders for beaded cabochon rings (3) and a beaded bezel for a pendant, for a jeweler.

My Slide Show on Slide


It's Been a While

So it's been a while. Lots of things have occurred during this quiet time.

Veronica's Beads N More, where I was teaching beading, went out of business. So, I have been looking for other avenues. Found one so far: Exotic Beads in Dunedin. First class will be this Friday. I hope to get a class scheduled at Dunedin Beads as well, to teach bead embroidery.

July 4 th was spectacular. The fire works were great. We watched them from Beth's small pool on the inter coastal at Clearwater Point across from Coachman Park. Fantastic!!!

Long story short, I found my poor friend and neighbor Rob, dead in his apartment on July 12 th. It was horrible. I could hardly breath I was hysterical. He had pill issues, and they finally allowed him to take his life. Sad, very sad. His family came here and well, he's gone, his things are gone and now I hope that he is at peace.

Some of My Jewelry

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It's Been A While

Well, Thanksgiving, Chanukha, Christmas and New Years Eve have come and gone.

Hillary and Sam got engaged on Christmas Day. Yahoo!!!

Obama won the election.

The war continues. Almost 5,000 of our soldiers have been killed. I'd say that is more than ENOUGH. Bring them home.

I had the surprise of my life when my mother surprised me for my birthday and anniversary. My friend Beth picked her up at the airport, Monday night the 23rd of February. She stayed until the 27th. What a wonderful time we had. Everyone knew except for me, and it was planned 3 months in advance. Kisses to all.

March has been ok. Jeff is still unemployed like so many of us.

I started teaching beading this month, with my first class being a beaded cabochon ring. I had 3 students. It went very well. I have a class booked for next Saturday and quite a few for April. Looking forward to all of them.

Today is Sam's birthday and they (hillary and sam) are celebrating at Disney's Magic Kingdom. Jeff and I will feed their cats today and then go to the flea market. It will be a high of 82 today. Nice. :O)

that's it for now.