It's Been A While

Well, Thanksgiving, Chanukha, Christmas and New Years Eve have come and gone.

Hillary and Sam got engaged on Christmas Day. Yahoo!!!

Obama won the election.

The war continues. Almost 5,000 of our soldiers have been killed. I'd say that is more than ENOUGH. Bring them home.

I had the surprise of my life when my mother surprised me for my birthday and anniversary. My friend Beth picked her up at the airport, Monday night the 23rd of February. She stayed until the 27th. What a wonderful time we had. Everyone knew except for me, and it was planned 3 months in advance. Kisses to all.

March has been ok. Jeff is still unemployed like so many of us.

I started teaching beading this month, with my first class being a beaded cabochon ring. I had 3 students. It went very well. I have a class booked for next Saturday and quite a few for April. Looking forward to all of them.

Today is Sam's birthday and they (hillary and sam) are celebrating at Disney's Magic Kingdom. Jeff and I will feed their cats today and then go to the flea market. It will be a high of 82 today. Nice. :O)

that's it for now.