It's Been a While

So it's been a while. Lots of things have occurred during this quiet time.

Veronica's Beads N More, where I was teaching beading, went out of business. So, I have been looking for other avenues. Found one so far: Exotic Beads in Dunedin. First class will be this Friday. I hope to get a class scheduled at Dunedin Beads as well, to teach bead embroidery.

July 4 th was spectacular. The fire works were great. We watched them from Beth's small pool on the inter coastal at Clearwater Point across from Coachman Park. Fantastic!!!

Long story short, I found my poor friend and neighbor Rob, dead in his apartment on July 12 th. It was horrible. I could hardly breath I was hysterical. He had pill issues, and they finally allowed him to take his life. Sad, very sad. His family came here and well, he's gone, his things are gone and now I hope that he is at peace.