More Babies, Etc.

Ok, so now I don't have a choice of color inks or sizes. ??? I will continue anyway.
There are now 4 babie that have fledged out of the nest. Only one is light in color like the mommy bird. LOL I'm hoping that one of the other birds will have black cheeks.

On another note: New pieces are up on Etsy.
I also have a vintage etc. site on
Sales on both are slow but promising. Times are tough all around these days, but when I see auctions of cars, paintings etc, that people are paying upwards of 6 figures, I wonder. Hmmmm.

The sky is blue, it's breezy, very humid and right now it's 75 degrees F, going up to 85. It should be getting a lot cooler by next week.

My friend Rob is still in my thoughts. The holidays are coming and his birthday was Dec. 24th. He spent those days with us. I feel sad, but I know that for him, he is in a better place.

I will be making a lot of jewelry this coming week for a bazzarr I will be doing with a friend of mine. Most of the pieces will be around $10 or a little higher. I need the $$$ so keep your fingers crossed for me that I sell EVERYTHING.

There were two Coopers Hawks on the phone wires last evening. Got some shots, but not too sharp. I'll try to post them.

That's it for now.
I wish all of you happy beady thoughts, love and understanding.