Happy November

Wow, time is going so very fast, as far as the months go. It will be Thanksgiving in a few weeks. Then you know what comes next.
Only going to have a high of 80 today. Temps are going down. Yay!!!
Making a man's choker today. I picked out the beads yesterday.
I need to complete many of my UFO's too. I have these wonderful beaded dolls that I need to complete. One is "Give Peace a Chance" and the other is called "Metamorphasis". Whew...then I still have a beaded animal to make. I know that it will all get done. Oh yes and gifts to make too. Ornaments mostly, and some jewelry.
I will be resizing a necklace for my Step-daughter and then I also have to start making wedding jewelry for my daughter. Gee do you think that I have enough projects to work on. LOL
I love it.

I am also crocheting a baby blanket now as well. I feel like the ever ready bunny.