New Etsy Site

Well, I finally did it.  I put some of my glass pieces up on Etsy.  Takes sooo much time to take the photos, put the photo into the computer, put them in the proper folders, create the listing for Etsy, whew and that's it.  So now I have to take more pictures, and , well, you know what comes next.  I do have lots of pieces made, including earrings, pendants, small wall hangings, and small dishes.
Class this Tuesday evening.  Can't wait to see what I put together 2 weeks ago.

Church Bazaar....Never Again

So..yesterday I thought that Iwould at least make up for the cost of the table, supplies, etc.  Nope, not even close.  $9.50.  There were 12 tables of people selling hand made and other jewelry.  I guess the church was desperate to sell table space.  Hmmm....and people coming in were very few.  I must remind myself to never do this again.  A lot of time and effort went into this as well as $$$$.
Oh well.
New Etsy site for my glass jewelry coming soon.
I just need to photograph the pieces and put them up.
Must get my cut of coffee.  Winter has hit Clearwater. 58 degrees....brrrr.

It's Been a Long Time

Ok, so either I haven't really cared or I have just been so busy that I haven't been able to write., ? Take your pick.
Fall is here and we have had such beautiful breezy cool weather the past couple of weeks.  Low humidity and sun.  Temps still get up into the 80's, but I'll take the 60's at night.  It was a little warmer last night.

I have been beading and teaching.  Doing a lot of glass cutting and fused glass pieces as well.  My computer is down so I will post photos when I get it back.

Hillary is so stressed out about her wedding, that I just wish she would have gotten married and had a party.  She has planned the whole thing herself.  Very stressfulllllll.   Well I only wish that I had the $$$$ to make the whole thing for her.  There have been some very generous people giving, but it's not enough.  I only hope that I come into some $$$ soon.

I'll be doing the yearly church bazaar on Nov. 6th.  Low priced items because people just don't want to spend $$ at those sales.  Did pretty good last year.

Etsy has been slow except for a couple of custom free form Peyote bracelets.  Will post those photos soon.

I could write more, but I must make the coffee.

Back is killing me and my hands from doing chainmaille hurt as well.  Almost finished with that simple project .

New York Trip-30th B-Day

New York trip was wonderful.  We saw so many people that we haven't seen in years.  Friends of Dan's and Hillary. Family and lots of fun.
It was so good to see everyone.  We didn't see everyone, but we saw many in the short time we were there.
Beverly was our first stop.  Dan, Jeff and myslef went to vist this wonderful 88 year old friend of our family in Queens. We had lunch and of course she gave me some of her wonderful finds which included a  Lenox salt and pepper shaker and grinder set...Hopefully, I'll get the photos that Dan took with his camera. This was Friday.  Hillary came in that night.
Saturday was great.  Satuday night was Dan's 30th birthday party.  The party was at Megan's and Greg's house.  Great house.  Love Megan...Her gardens are wonderful.  Their home is great.  We got there at 6 PM and didn't leave until 5:15 AM.  LOL !!! What a night.  We all slept for a about 5 hours. 
Sunday afternoon (Dan's Birthday) we met Robert, Gina, Marissa, Brittany, David, Sylvia, Ashley and Steven came along. We met at a diner in Nassau.  Food was great !!  It was good to be with  family.
Monday was a quiet day.  We had a 5:30 flight home.
All in all, we had a wonderful weekend.  Thank you Son of ours !

Almost New York Time

So, Mother's day weekend came and went quite well.  My Mom, no words can describe her perfectly.  God bless her.  She still drives, shops, cooks and if she could run she would.  My poor Uncle on the other hand, can hardly walk.  He is always in so much physical pain.  Nothing can be done for him.  88 and hanging on.  My Uncle had quite a few stories to tell.  We all laughed and some were amazing.  I told him that he needed someone to write his autobiography.  Dr. Jules DDS around, but retired.  Very smart, smarter than smart.  Was also in the Air Force in charge of quite a few.
Anyway, I gave my Mom her earrings and she loved them.  I also gave her friend Dolores (Dee) 4 pair as well for Mother's day.
I walked around the deck the first day 7 times.  It happens to  be quite large. 2 pools , tennis courts, sitting areas, etc.
Lots of hispanics there now.
All in all, between going over papers for the future, eating, playing, sleeping and watching old movies, the week end was good.

Thursday night Jeff and I are going up to NY.  Dan will pick us up at the airport.  Beth will be house and animal sitting for us.  Big hugs and kisses for that. Friday we will visit Beverly in Queens.  Been a while.
Hillary will be flying up Friday night and Saturday is Dan's 30th birthday party.
Sunday Cohons and Bloomfields will be meeting at a diner in Nassau somewhere.  I hope to see some friends on Monday before leaving for home.
More when I return. 

Lots of new classes at Exotic Beads.  I hope that I get some classes for next week.  Need the $$$$.

May - A New Month

May started with a very hot and breezy day. Jeff and I went on a Geo search for hidden objects.  UGH, in the heat of the day, and we found nothing.  I did get a lot of walking in and did a lot of sweating.
The day wan't a total loss, because we found treasures at a yard sale.  LOL

Want to mention that Leo's service was last Saturday at long last.  It was very sad.  Even Jeff was teary eyed.

Next weekend is Mother's Day and I will be spending it with my Mother.  I haven't done that in many years.  I am really looking forward to our time together. Jeff will be staying home to take care of all of our critters.  Maybe next time honey.

Silvia from Exotic Beads had to fly down to Mexico to be with her Mother (96).  Doctors didn't think that she would make it through the night.  Sorry Silvia.

So, May 23rd is our Son's 30th birthday.  He's flying us and Hillary up to Long Island to celebrate with him.  Beth will be taking care of the critters.  Thank you Beth !!! We'll bring you back some cheese.  LOL

I'm working on a few new Jewelry items.  I'll post them as soon as they are completed.

We are still tasting foods for Hill's wedding.  Stuffed Mushroom still the best.  March 5, 2011, is right around the corner.  Love you my baby.

Life Goes On

Life goes on.  Hmmmm.  Not an easy thing to do after losing a loved one or a friend.
Our friend Leo passed away today.  I went to the hospital this morning after blood work to spend some time with him, without the family being there.  It was way too hard for me to deal with them the other night.  I knew that nobody would be there but him.  I talked to him, even though I knew that he couldn't hear me.  He was in a very deep Adavan and Morphine sleep.   I wrote him a note , stayed about an hour and then went home. We new Leo for around 27 years.  He was married to our friend Beth for 25 years.  He wasn't well for quite some time.  On Feb. 22nd he had his first stroke.  He was doing pretty good and well, had another 3.  The last one he lost his sight and it was downhill from there.  Sad, very sad.  To make matters worse, Beth and daughter Nicole are as usual, at war with each other. Beth came from re-hab last week to a real mess. Nicole blames her for everything, even his strokes.  There is no talking to her.  She was there for her father when her needed help. Beth and Leo were divorced already. She was there when he was in the re-hab place as well.  And then the big words like, should've, could've, would've, if came into play.  I only hope that Beth holds herself together and doesn't start to drink and take pills again..  Not only did she lose her X, but her daughter isn't there either.  Plus the alimony is now stopped.  Hmm.  Beth can't give Nicole any $$$ any longer.  Hmm. Money has caused a lot of problems, or I should say a lack of. Nicole needs to come down from her throne.  The two of them need each other, but I don't believe it's going to happen.  Feel sorry for the grandkids.  Leo will be cremated tomorrow, I suppose and maybe a service Saturday.  Half the ashes are going to be burried in New Jersey with his Mother.  His Sister Virginia will take them back up with her when she leaves.  The other half will go to Nicole, if she wants them.
Goodbye Leo.  Will miss seeing you.

Crochet for a Change Part 2

Left out the nice crocheted shoulder bag with a crocheted button.  I had a lot of fun with this one.

Crocheting For a Change

So, ok, onto and back to other crafts I love to make.
Beading is still on my list of things to continue, but during a bout of bronchitus for 2 weeks, I needed something more relaxing to do.  I sat on the couch and crocheted away.  I finished a purse, made a scarf for my daughter Hillary in black, white and gray,  finished an afgan for my step-daughter Jennifer, crocheted a baby owl  (Hill grabbed that)  and mommy owl, and just finished a hedgehog for Hill.  I still have to finish a long overdue baby blanket. Shame on me.
I will finish that soon.
I think I will start to crochet some bunnies for Easter.  I will put them up on my Etsy site for sale.  . This store has vintage and hand made other than jewelry here.  You should check it out.

Just made my Mom a pearl necklace and earring set for Valentines Day.  See, still beading.  I will mail  that out on Monday.

For my Mom as well, this elastic bracelet.  Love this