Life Goes On

Life goes on.  Hmmmm.  Not an easy thing to do after losing a loved one or a friend.
Our friend Leo passed away today.  I went to the hospital this morning after blood work to spend some time with him, without the family being there.  It was way too hard for me to deal with them the other night.  I knew that nobody would be there but him.  I talked to him, even though I knew that he couldn't hear me.  He was in a very deep Adavan and Morphine sleep.   I wrote him a note , stayed about an hour and then went home. We new Leo for around 27 years.  He was married to our friend Beth for 25 years.  He wasn't well for quite some time.  On Feb. 22nd he had his first stroke.  He was doing pretty good and well, had another 3.  The last one he lost his sight and it was downhill from there.  Sad, very sad.  To make matters worse, Beth and daughter Nicole are as usual, at war with each other. Beth came from re-hab last week to a real mess. Nicole blames her for everything, even his strokes.  There is no talking to her.  She was there for her father when her needed help. Beth and Leo were divorced already. She was there when he was in the re-hab place as well.  And then the big words like, should've, could've, would've, if came into play.  I only hope that Beth holds herself together and doesn't start to drink and take pills again..  Not only did she lose her X, but her daughter isn't there either.  Plus the alimony is now stopped.  Hmm.  Beth can't give Nicole any $$$ any longer.  Hmm. Money has caused a lot of problems, or I should say a lack of. Nicole needs to come down from her throne.  The two of them need each other, but I don't believe it's going to happen.  Feel sorry for the grandkids.  Leo will be cremated tomorrow, I suppose and maybe a service Saturday.  Half the ashes are going to be burried in New Jersey with his Mother.  His Sister Virginia will take them back up with her when she leaves.  The other half will go to Nicole, if she wants them.
Goodbye Leo.  Will miss seeing you.