Almost New York Time

So, Mother's day weekend came and went quite well.  My Mom, no words can describe her perfectly.  God bless her.  She still drives, shops, cooks and if she could run she would.  My poor Uncle on the other hand, can hardly walk.  He is always in so much physical pain.  Nothing can be done for him.  88 and hanging on.  My Uncle had quite a few stories to tell.  We all laughed and some were amazing.  I told him that he needed someone to write his autobiography.  Dr. Jules DDS around, but retired.  Very smart, smarter than smart.  Was also in the Air Force in charge of quite a few.
Anyway, I gave my Mom her earrings and she loved them.  I also gave her friend Dolores (Dee) 4 pair as well for Mother's day.
I walked around the deck the first day 7 times.  It happens to  be quite large. 2 pools , tennis courts, sitting areas, etc.
Lots of hispanics there now.
All in all, between going over papers for the future, eating, playing, sleeping and watching old movies, the week end was good.

Thursday night Jeff and I are going up to NY.  Dan will pick us up at the airport.  Beth will be house and animal sitting for us.  Big hugs and kisses for that. Friday we will visit Beverly in Queens.  Been a while.
Hillary will be flying up Friday night and Saturday is Dan's 30th birthday party.
Sunday Cohons and Bloomfields will be meeting at a diner in Nassau somewhere.  I hope to see some friends on Monday before leaving for home.
More when I return. 

Lots of new classes at Exotic Beads.  I hope that I get some classes for next week.  Need the $$$$.