May - A New Month

May started with a very hot and breezy day. Jeff and I went on a Geo search for hidden objects.  UGH, in the heat of the day, and we found nothing.  I did get a lot of walking in and did a lot of sweating.
The day wan't a total loss, because we found treasures at a yard sale.  LOL

Want to mention that Leo's service was last Saturday at long last.  It was very sad.  Even Jeff was teary eyed.

Next weekend is Mother's Day and I will be spending it with my Mother.  I haven't done that in many years.  I am really looking forward to our time together. Jeff will be staying home to take care of all of our critters.  Maybe next time honey.

Silvia from Exotic Beads had to fly down to Mexico to be with her Mother (96).  Doctors didn't think that she would make it through the night.  Sorry Silvia.

So, May 23rd is our Son's 30th birthday.  He's flying us and Hillary up to Long Island to celebrate with him.  Beth will be taking care of the critters.  Thank you Beth !!! We'll bring you back some cheese.  LOL

I'm working on a few new Jewelry items.  I'll post them as soon as they are completed.

We are still tasting foods for Hill's wedding.  Stuffed Mushroom still the best.  March 5, 2011, is right around the corner.  Love you my baby.