New York Trip-30th B-Day

New York trip was wonderful.  We saw so many people that we haven't seen in years.  Friends of Dan's and Hillary. Family and lots of fun.
It was so good to see everyone.  We didn't see everyone, but we saw many in the short time we were there.
Beverly was our first stop.  Dan, Jeff and myslef went to vist this wonderful 88 year old friend of our family in Queens. We had lunch and of course she gave me some of her wonderful finds which included a  Lenox salt and pepper shaker and grinder set...Hopefully, I'll get the photos that Dan took with his camera. This was Friday.  Hillary came in that night.
Saturday was great.  Satuday night was Dan's 30th birthday party.  The party was at Megan's and Greg's house.  Great house.  Love Megan...Her gardens are wonderful.  Their home is great.  We got there at 6 PM and didn't leave until 5:15 AM.  LOL !!! What a night.  We all slept for a about 5 hours. 
Sunday afternoon (Dan's Birthday) we met Robert, Gina, Marissa, Brittany, David, Sylvia, Ashley and Steven came along. We met at a diner in Nassau.  Food was great !!  It was good to be with  family.
Monday was a quiet day.  We had a 5:30 flight home.
All in all, we had a wonderful weekend.  Thank you Son of ours !