The Move and Wedding

Oh Boy....Found out after Christmas that we were looking to move to a new place.  Found one next door to Hillary and Sam.  Packed all January.  I hate that more than anything, but I was looking forward to getting out tof the slum we were in. Right, and I called it the Cottage.  That's a laugh.  Anyway we started to bring things to the new place the weekend before the real move.  Up and down steps, so many times, my poor knees and foot just fell apart.  Well, not really, but hurt. I still, after a couple of months, have a bone spur in my right foot that's a killer.  Anyway, Feb. 1st, the move went smoothly.  We love our found paradise.  Water view, lots of birds, and aligators.
Hillary's bridal shower went well.  The games were fun, the food was great, and she got some wonderful gifts.
Company started pouring in from NY and Arizona.  Some slept over.  Daniel surprised me for my 60th birthday and came down a little early.  He and his friends (my extended children) rented a beautiful house in Tarpon Springs.
My brother and his family came down the Friday before the wedding and so did my Mom.  Great seeing everyone together after so long a time.  Jennifer was here as well.

The wedding couldn't have been nicer.  The weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony and cocktail hour.  Mr. and Mrs. Sam Elliott are now official.