Updated Information

Ok, so I don't know where the time has gone, but it has flown by.  Being busy makes that happen I guess.  AND of course the older you get the quicker time goes by.
I have been beading, knitting and crocheting like there is no tomorrow.  The projects just keep popping up.  Sure, there are quite a few in the works and not completed, but they are all being worked on.  Eventually they will all be finished.  Then, I get to start new ones,  or I could just read a good book.

So, this is Lilly Pilly the tooth fairy.  I have written a pattern for from from two other patterns and my own input of imagination.  The PDF is up for sale at my Etsy store and on Craftsy.com .   I also started teaching crochet at Uncommon Threads in Palm Harbor.  I taught some basic crochet and a Curly Scarf recently.  I would love to teach all the time, but alas I doubt that will happen.

Well,  I will continue this later today for myself and for others to keep them updated.