Sacred Heart Diet and Crochet

Jeff and I have decided to go on the Sacred Heart Diet for one week, to cleanse our bodies of "junk".  Soup, soup and more soup with some extras every day.  Doing this together is really a great thing, because I don't think we could ever do this individually.
We have also given up coffee for a while.  Tea without sugar...maybe honey at times and some skim milk. Or a squirt of lemon.
It will be interesting to see how the rest of the week goes and what happens after that.  There is a continuing program to follow, but the book is $15.  We'll see.
Soup all day today and tonight we have a special treat of a large baked potato with lots of butter .... LOL.  Looking forward to that for sure.

On another note...I am making crocheted bowl sets with nylon cording.  Hoping to sell some at the Church show on the 13th.  Martha and I are sharing a table.  I will be bringing my small table to display some jewelry too.  I have so many pieces, mostly bracelets, so hopefully I'll sell some of them.  Lots of scarves too and couple of hats and a bag.  $$$$ need it.  LOL  It will be a fun time.  Marty is a really nice person.  Enjoy being with her. 7 AM  to 1 PM.  Early to bed and early to rise with a wake up call at 6:30.  Oh boy.